Investor Education

What Is Investor Education?

Investor education schemes are pivotal in facilitating financial education and entitle citizens to make healthy decisions when maintaining their savings. Without core wisdom on financial elements such as risk diversification, compound interest, and the actual rate of return, citizens will strive to endow or make a briefed judgment. Moreover, the insufficiency of adequate financial education in most European countries assists clarify why the vast majority of households don’t rightly invest any of their savings in the capital markets.

Investorbano has been at the vanguard of activities to compel authorities to increase financial education levels in the general population through prevalent and ameliorated financial and investor education schemes.

The Necessity of Investor Education

Regulators over the planet have accepted investor education as a critical ground plan to enrich investor protection, foster investor conviction, and create investor involvement in financial planning and decision-making. The requirement for investor education came under the accent light after the global financial crisis in 2008 as investors were unprotected from intricate products posing numerous risks.

Benefits of Investors Education

The following are the primary necessities of a well-structured and successfully enforced Investor Education Program:

  • Defending investors by educating them on their rights and responsibilities
  • Licensing with wisdom to assess different financial products and make a briefed judgment.
  • Facilitating investors to comprehend and handle risk
  • Curb investors’ liability to counterfeit schemes
  • Extending outdo of financial services and products
  • known financial and pension planning
  • Engagement in financial markets with eminent conviction


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