6 top ways to get good returns for investing money in India

Your search for where to invest money to get good returns in India ends here. After the disastrous pandemic, the economy is rising in India, like in many countries worldwide. One significant thing that the deadly virus taught us is to be aware of well-being and wealth management. Only those who did it well before the pandemic could come out of it successfully in their personal and professional lives. Hence, money investment to get good returns has become the need of the hour.

You may earn any amount, but you should save at least a minimum amount for rainy days. And more important, is to know where to invest money for a good return. It is because risk and ROI or return on investment have a direct inverse correlation; if one increases, the other also increases. Hence, you must know the suitable money investment with low risks but moderate to high returns. It is easier said than done, and investing money requires patience and intelligence to get good returns.

So, check out the things to consider for money investment and the right ways to do it to have a prosperous future.

Five things to consider where to invest your money to get good returns in India

If earning money is challenging, saving and investing it in the right way is an arduous task. Many people make more money than they need but cannot build wealth management to suffer during hard times. Hence to differ from them, you need to know many things about where to invest your money. A few of them include the following.


  • The first thing to consider is to ascertain if you have enough funds for the present to secure it before thinking of the future.
  • The second is to make the right sacrifices without compromising the present to invest in the future.
  • Third is to consider the emergency needs in the future as many money investment plans have a lock period.
  • Fourth is to clear all the debts as it could put pressure on getting high returns for the investments, which will push to take high risks
  • The last is determining the suitable plan for investing your money and the expected realistic return in a specified time.

Where to invest money to get good returns in India?

Knowing the many things to consider before making a money investment for good returns in India, it is time to learn how to do it. But before doing it, you should know your risk tolerance, financial objectives, investment horizon, liquidity requirements, and investing strategies. Only savvy investors know all of it to be successful for money investments. Hence the following are the best ways to invest money to get good returns.


  • Real estate is one of the money investment options that give high returns if done right because of the booming property needs in India, but it could also come with high risks if not done correctly.


  • PPF or public provident fund is the safest long-term money investment option in India with an annual return of over 7% with compound interest but with a maturity of 15 years and a lock-in period of a minimum of 6 years


  • Mutual funds are high-return long-term investments in India to have diverse opportunities like investing money in equities, debt, money market funds, etc., and moderate to increased risks.


  • The post office monthly income scheme is one of the low or no-risk money investments to get returns of around 6% with a maturity of 5 years.


  • Government bonds now available for direct purchase is another no or low-risk investment, and the return depend on the holding period.


  • Last but not least are the stock markets that offer various opportunities to invest money to get high returns in a short period if done right.

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