Angel Speed Pro

Stock Market Desktop App

Angel Speed Pro is an investing software that delivers clients with a single-window trading experience and trade surveillance capacities.

Employed to trade on your computer? We have made it more lucid. Get Investorbano’s stock market desktop app from our authorized website and start selling now. Investorbano SpeedPro trading platform provides a unified single-window trading experience — a solution to all your trading requirements.

Angel speed pro , Stock market mobile app


  • Live rate update

 If you are investing in our stock market desktop app, you will not lose any opportunity of making a good investment. The market is at your tiptoe as we offer you live cyclosis of rates so you can invest instantly.

  • Portfolio

Supervise all your investments at once with our stocks desktop app Investorbano SpeedPro. View scrip-wise purchase price, day’s profit, loss, and overall profit and loss of your assets with an easy click.

  • Online trading

With Investorbano SpeedPro, you can trade in mutual funds online and retrieve them easily. This desktop app for the stock market is your one-stop source for all mutual fund investments.

  • Unified news flash and reports

Don’t lose the chance to gain more money. Our desktop app for the stock market confers you with unified news flash and reports. Assess these reports to create a knowledgeable investment.

  • Simple installation

 Just download the .exe file from the Investorbano SpeedPro app onto your desktop. Run the stocks desktop app and get cracking with trading promptly.

  • Live market watch

You can notice and update live market data in Excel format. Acquire charts on the latest trends. Pinch charts in compliance with your indicators. Take quick judgment on trading.